Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello November!

This weekend is flying by as usual. I never want my weekends to end. I love having Daddy home to help out with the kiddos and it's nice to have him around as well. It's just refreshing to wake up in the morning and not have to rush around. This morning we went to the pancake house and stuffed our hungry little faces. Everything tasted so good and hit the spot on this chilly morning. Especially my coffee with french toast! Vivi was so happy eating everything off of her plate and Bella of course would rather drink her breakfast. They make fresh squeezed orange juice right in front of you! We should come here more often!

On Friday night we decided to stay in. I ordered "chin chang" for Bella and Vivi also known as Chinese food. That's how Bella has said Chinese food for about a year now. Then we put the kiddos to bed and Curt picked up take out from one of our favorite places Penang in Bethesda. It's Malaysian food and it's amazing! I always order the same thing - Kari mee and Curt orders the black pepper beef. Afterwards we watched The Conjuring and we were scared to death. I love scary movies, I love them even more when they are based on a true story. It was so freaky, I highly recommend it if you love being scared but don't watch it by yourself! 
Saturday was amazing. I went to get my eyes checked which wasn't so amaxing but after that I headed over to my mom's salon BCC total body and got my hair washed, and got a mani/pedi. I haven't had one in awhile so it was nice to pamper myself. It's so hard making time to do things for yourself when you are a mom but I think it's so important to step away for a few hours when you are able. It's refreshing and I think it's healthy for our sanity! We miss our babies while we are gone and when we come home it's like your body and mind is ready for anything! I know Curt missed me but I think it's also good for him to spend time with the girls. 
When I got home after their naps we went to a friend's house in Virginia. We visited one of Bella's school friends. The girls really enjoyed themselves and it was nice to get to know new people outside of our Bethesda circle. Their home was lovely and I really loved how they kept re-filling my glass with champagne. All in all a great Saturday!

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